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Aurora Pools

Construction & renovation of below-ground vinyl lined pools, Western Australia

What are the stages of pool construction?

  • Stage 1  APPROVAL OF PLANS - Your plans are drawn up and submitted for approval by our engineer & certifier, the Water Corporation & your council
  • Stage 2  EXCAVATION - digging machines are used to excavate your pool site 
  • Stage 3  CONSTRUCTION OF POOL WALLS & PIPE-WORK - Pool walls are constructed using bricks & mortar, which are then cement rendered
  • Stage 4  POOL FLOOR - The concrete base is installed
  • Stage 5  HEADER COURSE INSTALLATION - Your choice of bull-nose header course is installed from standard range of limestone paving bricks
  • Stage 6  VINYL LINER & FILTRATION EQUIPMENT INSTALLATION - Your made to measure vinyl liner is installed & pool is filled with water. Your filtration equipment is also installed at this time
  • Stage 7  HANDOVER - Your pool is chemically balanced & you will receive a handover on how to maintain your pool water at its optimal levels. At this stage, you will also receive a water test kit & manual cleaning kit

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